With telehealth adoption and the rise of digital solutions for specialty and prescription drugs, it’s time for pharma companies to take the opportunity presented by the acceleration of digital health

By Alex Baxter, André Heeg, Steve King, Amaryllis Liampoti, and Gunnar Trommer, BCG Digital Ventures

One area which has strong potential for new, accelerated e-commerce models is the pharmaceutical sector…

With the dominance of the big platforms and huge new consumer demand triggered by the pandemic, companies need to pay attention to 8 enablers in order to compete

By Hans Yang and Alex Baxter, BCG Digital Ventures

This is the second part in our series covering how companies can approach e-commerce performance. Read our first piece, How to Stand-Up a New E-Commerce Business in 8 Weeks or Less, here.

In a recent piece, we covered standing up an e-commerce solution from scratch. But rapidly responding also means…

The BCG Digital Ventures x RECUP collaboration has run its course — but the future looks bright

As we covered in our previous posts, there were two main parts to this. The team wanted to include a digital transactions option for customers to manage their deposits with…

Making sure what we build works for everyone should be a design priority

By Lizzi Clubb, Senior Experience Designer, BCG Digital Ventures

“The most exciting part is always seeing things come to life.”

How talking with users informed the BCGDVxRECUP team’s work towards an innovative digital offering for reusables

After the joint BCGDV and RECUP team got to know one another and started working together (remotely, of course), they identified a couple of key work streams to help RECUP enhance its digital efforts. In order to identify the moment at which a digital offering could create value for users, the team wanted to…

The second season of BCG Digital Ventures Buildcast focuses on corporate innovation. Here’s why we’re talking with intrapreneurs.

But we hear less about how the world’s premier companies, the market-defining leaders who build the products we’re familiar with and sometimes take for granted, and how they’re also innovating, changing their industries and making impact on a massive scale.

Buildcast Season 2 Trailer

That’s why, in our second series of Buildcast, we’re checking in with intrapreneurs, innovators who are changing the game from within the businesses that shape the…

Human-centered design is integral to what we do. Here’s how to stay close in a remote world.

By Calum Forsyth, former Senior Strategic Designer, BCG Digital Ventures

We gain this by immersing ourselves in people’s lives to uncover their needs, frictions and the surrounding systems that govern them. We then stay close to our users, involving them often in the design process to ensure we find product-market fit.

For the most part, our teams have been able to immerse themselves by being there, right…

We surveyed OB/GYNs about the changing state of health care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what they told us.

By Laura Furmanski, Ania Labno, and Ryan Gallagher, Boston Consulting Group, and Austin Gispanski and Nate Beyor, BCG Digital Ventures

The role of digital tools in general medicine and primary care has received a lot of attention, as has the impact of COVID-19 on their adoption. But there has been less exploration of how specialty care has been affected.

With this…

How BCG Digital Ventures and Aspire to Her helped a student supercharge her job search

By Nasim Mirzai

Aspire to Her is a community for young businesswomen with big ambitions, helping to support them in the early stages of their careers. As part of the Aspire to Her program, BCGDV’s Clair Maurice provided mentorship to Duke student Nasim Mirzai. Here’s what Nasim learned.

That changed when I was paired with a mentor…

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