To succeed in the decarbonization economy, companies need to look outside their core business to unlock new value

In the context of the clear need to address climate change, the decarbonization economy has risen to the top of C-level agendas; Chief Sustainability Officer has become a serious and integral role in the boardroom, taking prominence at Ikea and Unilever, to take just two examples. The success of decarbonization is not only necessary to keep warming under 1.5c, but also to provide consistent growth and revenue opportunities over the next decades. Consumers are looking to companies to provide them with low- or zero-carbon products and solutions, and there…

Talking about climate is easy — but action is what counts. Here’s how corporates can innovate to win in the transition to a low-carbon future

The science is clear: We need to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 to limit temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change. This will require nothing less than the transformation of every sector of the economy, with breakthrough innovation over the next two decades a prerequisite for success.

It will take a variety of players to put us on the right path, including governments, research institutes, and individuals, but corporates face an imperative to act. They need to do…

With telehealth adoption and the rise of digital solutions for specialty and prescription drugs, it’s time for pharma companies to take the opportunity presented by the acceleration of digital health

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a shift to digital across industries, with store closures and lockdown measures leading to a step change in how consumers buy products. Online solutions that were just one channel in a multichannel mix before the pandemic are now integral to business. This has led many companies to reconsider their e-commerce operations and to ask themselves what they can do to optimize for the new reality.

One area which has strong potential for new, accelerated e-commerce models is the pharmaceutical sector…

“Strategic Design is all about having the user at the heart of everything.”

Paulien is passionate about putting people at the center of what she builds, and motivated by a desire to connect. After studying International Relations in London, Paulien’s first experience working in technology was with an internet company during a year abroad in Myanmar, a period…

We caught up with the designer and entrepreneur to talk about bringing energy and joy to the workplace

Ask any business leader what the key to their success is and it’s likely they’ll point to their people. For years, leaders have tried to capture the perfect formula to build collaborative and high-performing workplaces; however, there is no one size fits all solution. Cultivating an inclusive environment rooted in trust and loyalty that brings together employee and business values and celebrates difference requires a designer mindset. …

The climate challenge requires an ambitious focus on the future, from the reimagining of current technologies to the invention of brand new solutions

While implementing new business models and driving climate efficiency will be vital in fighting climate change and bringing about the new decarbonization economy, we will need new solutions powered by emerging technologies in order to stay under the Paris Agreement’s 1.5c warming target.

Some new technologies might even allow us to go further, reversing our current trajectory by pulling carbon out of the atmosphere, thereby securing the climate for future generations. Others will reimagine current activities in ways that might currently…

Pioneering tech like machine intelligence is fuelling opportunities for designers to rethink their design solutions, but what’s the impact on users?

By applying new technological capabilities in creative and human-centric ways, designers can solve old problems more effectively as well as find solutions to problems that have yet to be solved. The pioneering tech we see in the field of machine intelligence (AI/ML) today is no exception, and it’s providing a wealth of new possibilities to designers. The challenge now is for designers to work with these technologies to build solutions that harness creativity to solve problems or provide improved solutions — while always putting the user at the center.

The journey so far

Our story starts in 1950…

The decarbonization imperative requires companies to look to their core operations and drive climate-focused efficiency

Although efficiency is not a new concern for corporations, a new imperative is driving it: The climate emergency.

In order for us to stay under 1.5c of warming and avoid climate catastrophe, companies need to curb their carbon emissions dramatically — while still aspiring to save money and time. Yet efficiency in the form of production gains is one thing, while climate efficiency is another. Luckily, the two can be compatible, and companies that take climate efficiency seriously stand to benefit in more traditional business areas.

Driving climate efficiency…

The pandemic has changed the face of innovation. How should companies think about the future once it starts to subside?

In this new report, BCG Digital Ventures Partner and VP of Engineering Matthew Sinclair considers what innovation might look like after the COVID-19 pandemic, and assesses the trends and technologies that will enable companies to succeed.

Download the report.

With the dominance of the big platforms and huge new consumer demand triggered by the pandemic, companies need to pay attention to 8 enablers in order to compete

This is the second part in our series covering how companies can approach e-commerce performance. Read our first piece, How to Stand-Up a New E-Commerce Business in 8 Weeks or Less, here.

The great shift to online channels has presented retailers with a huge series of challenges. With a larger number of consumers shopping online than ever before, retailers that don’t rapidly respond to meet increased e-commerce demand stand to be left behind.

In a recent piece, we covered standing up an e-commerce solution from scratch. But rapidly responding also means…

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