Adventure Awaits…

Yvette Bellamy, Rich Lewis and Annie Woodhead from the DV Asia recruitment and marketing team talk about values, adventures and treks across the North Pole.

At BCG Digital Ventures, we share a mission to invent, build and scale game-changing businesses with some of the world’s most influential companies. We believe in working together to uncover insights that will lead to some of the world’s best innovations, ideas, products and businesses. It requires us to embrace the unknown almost daily, and it means we need a team that constantly thrives on the energy and passion of those around us.

Our recent BCGDV Asia offsite marked the first regional team get together this year and saw us celebrate the launch of our company values, as well as the promise to our employees of “the adventure of a lifetime.”

We were particularly excited to be joined by professional endurance athlete Colin O’Brady. He is off on his own remarkable adventure, to become the fastest person to complete the Explorers Grand Slam, where he will summit the tallest peak on each of the seven continents and trek to the North and South Poles. Only 44 people have ever completed this staggering achievement, with only two reaching this goal in under a year.

DV Asia’s Partner & Managing Director with Colin O’Brady and the DV flag!

Colin told us his personal story and shared some of the underlying lessons he’s learnt first hand about the power of goal setting, teamwork, passion, grit, vulnerability, overcoming setbacks and embracing the unknown to achieve the seemingly impossible.

At the end of the day, we presented Colin with our brand flag, which he will now raise at the North Pole in April. We can’t wait to hear how his adventure continues! To follow Colin on his journey, take a look at his Twitter and fundraising page for further information.

So there we have it: values, adventures and treks across the North Pole, just your average team offsite at BCGDV!

BCG Digital Ventures invents, launches, and scales industry-disrupting new businesses with the world’s most influential companies.

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