A few months ago, we started to open our lens and share more about who we are, how we think and what we know. We’ve embarked on some incredible adventures over the past three years, inventing and building businesses at an unprecedented speed all over the world, and we’ve picked up a whole host of insights, tips and stories along the way.

This is why we’ve created Pollen, an outward expression of BCG Digital Ventures. It is the destination for anyone curious to learn about the ins and outs of our company.

Why call it Pollen?

For starters, we work out of hexagonal venture rooms, and our Centers and Labs are home to a hive of energetic, transformative and creative talent. Just like a colony of bees, our global teams are constantly in motion — collaborating to build and back businesses with our corporate partners.

What’s more, our stories are designed for sharing. We have airborne aspirations for all of our content, and readers will draw from the pieces they like best to pollenate their own businesses with our ideas. We’re also after the sweetest bits of content, the pieces that say the most without spreading too much noise.

It’s not just the products and businesses we create that are beyond belief; it’s the ideas behind them. In the coming days and weeks, we will unveil creative, energetic new content — all posted right here on Pollen.

Stay tuned. Join us. Contribute. BCGDV is ready to pollenate!

BCG Digital Ventures invents, launches, and scales industry-disrupting new businesses with the world’s most influential companies.

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